Sun, Mar 2, 2014

In case if your controller became too large and the inheritance is not a solution, the Mixin pattern can solve this problem very easy by splitting the logic in mixins each serving a functionality or a feature. Within AngularJS I found a easy to do it by using the $controller service.

Sun, Mar 3, 2013

Surfing Sencha forums day by day I’ve come to the conclusion that today many Sencha Touch 2 users still don’t know about the nice and well written SQL proxy ( Instead of it they use other extensions written by ST users which are easy to find on ST forum. But the default ST proxy also can by used for WebSQL or SQLite with Phonegap plugin and comparing with those extensions has a well written code, is more faster and is part of ST2.

Saying this I’ve decided to write a few words about how tot use it, only a few as here there’s nothing more to write. Mainly because actually the SQL proxy is used like the other ST proxies except that it needs an override.