Sat, Jun 22, 2013

Below my short journey in taking a look to NVD3 and Raphael as alternative charting libraries for Sencha Touch(ST). ST has a powerful and nice charting library which is included as a part of Touch (available as GPLv3 or as a part of Sencha Complete and Complete: Team). Yet I’ve wanted to try other charts libs with a more flexible license which will allow me to integrate them easily in a ST app and develop a simple line chart ST component.

Mon, Apr 29, 2013

As you can see on Sencha site,  Sencha Touch (ST) was developed to take advantage of hardware acceleration. In case you don’t know what hardware acceleration means and if you are starting to work on your first ST application then you should be informed about it as it might affect your app performance and responsiveness. Particularly when using PhoneGap 2.6(2.x) to deploy natively for Android 4.x, because Android default browser still has performance problems with 3D CSS transforms.